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12 Skies Tech, Inc. provides information technology solutions to small and midsize businesses, from start-ups and sole proprietorships to nonprofits and multi-million dollar corporations.

We work with you to bring your ideas to life, whether for iPhone, iPad or Android and more. Our services empower the visionary entrepreneur to streamline processes and increase profits by creating apps customized for their business. The 12 Skies Tech portfolio is diverse. We have created custom software for clients in many industries, including construction, healthcare, direct mail, retail and e-commerce, medical services, e-learning, claims adjustment and the non-profit sector.

Meet the Management Team

Our company is family-founded, family-run and family-oriented. We hold human dignity and worth at the core of our philosophy.


Peter Ward

Peter is a dynamic innovator with more than 30 years of experience in software development. He is co-founder of 12 Skies Tech, and has overseen the development of applications across the spectrum of industries. He also has projects in development in South Africa and India. Peter has worked as a consultant and/or volunteer with religious and nonprofit organizations for 35 years. A native South African, he is more committed than ever to this lifelong passion. He has traveled to more than 40 countries in fulfillment of his vision to work towards a better quality of life for people who have had less opportunities than he has had.

Barby Zúñiga Ward

Barby is co-founder of 12 Skies Tech. She enjoys cultivating business relationships that align with the 12 Skies values. She is also a communications consultant and writer with a special affinity for the nonprofit vertical. Her focus is two-fold: helping organizations and individuals find and articulate their message and voice, and equipping them with the tools to potential. Barby began her career with non-profits at the age of 19, distributing educational books internationally. Since then she has traveled to over 30 nations, and is a native Spanish and English speaker. She is co-founder of Awkward Letters Co., a communications boutique.

Linda Ward

Linda Ward is the Business and Accounts Manager for 12 Skies Tech. She plays a pivotal role in the day to day management of the company, where she has worked since 2006, starting as a payroll assistant. She is a highly creative thinker who contributes both to the creative as well as the operations side of the business, and is devoted to excellence. Linda holds a BS in Business Administration and a BA in English from Florida International University, as well as a Systems Thinking Certificate from Cornell University. Entrepreneurship, community and creativity are her passions, and she loves seeing our clients’ visions become reality. She is co-founder of Awkward Letters Co., a communications boutique.

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